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DIY Citrus Facial Scrub!

citrus-scrub 1

Pampering yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend your hard earned cash at pricey spas or on expensive products. Although I do enjoy the luxury of purchasing these things, its not quite a necessity. I must admit, I am super guilty of being a major product junkie. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate as well. There is something that seems to always bring me back to creating my personal scrubs the good ole fashion way. You can create your very own DIY beauty recipes right in he comfort of your own home with products you may probably already own in your kitchen. One recipe I personally enjoy creating, is a “Citrus Facial Scrub” (yummm). Below, I have listed a few¬†ingredients¬†you will need to create this natural citrus facial scrub.¬†


The Benefits:

Yogurt –¬†Soothes and¬†can lessen the visibility of blemishes and moles, make freckles disappear, and lighten suntanned skin.

Oatmeal РActs as a exfoliant, will lock in moisture, and acts as a natural remedy to acne.

Honey РIs great for acne treatment & prevention. Moisturizes and soothes. full of antioxidants which will slow down aging. 

Lemon or Citrus Juice РHelps brighten, soften and refresh rough or dried skin. The citrus fruits will also lighten the skin color and reduce freckles, discoloration and scars.

Citrus Scrub

  1. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (or other citrus juice)
  2. 2 Teaspoons Honey
  3. 6 ounces plain yogurt
  4. 1/4 cup ground oatmeal

Blend all the ingredients together and apply it to clean skin in circular motions. Allow for the mixture to to dry. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. This all natural facial mask is suitable for sensitive, normal, and dry skin types. This regimen can be used once a week as needed.

I hope you found this “DIY Citrus Facial Scrub,”¬†post quite informative. I would love for you guys to try it, and let me know what you think. Please do leave your comments below, if you have any questions and or concerns. Until next time lovelies,¬†Happy Scrubbing! ¬†

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Miami Getaway/ Cotton 24 hour Runway Show Recap!


Over the weekend, I decided to have a quick getaway with my girlfriends and also attended the Cotton 24 hour Runway Show in South Beach Miami, Florida. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time, being that the weather is cooler here now in NYC brrr. ¬†My Miami getaway trip was perfect. I got to lay on the beach, ate at fabulous restaurants, partied and got to be apart of Cottons 24 hour runway show.¬†Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show took place¬†Friday, November 7 on the corner of 8th street and Ocean Drive, and with it comes an entire fleet of celebrities and fashion bloggers all celebrating America’s favorite material. Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Jason Kennedy, and Michael Yo were hosts and Olivia Palermo¬†dished out some much sought after style tips.¬†Some of the brands styling included¬†Wildfox, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s, French Connection, Lilly Pulitzer, and Banana Republic,¬†Peace Love World, Style Saves, Perry Ellis, and Santika Design¬†just to name a few.¬†Here is a recap of the events taken place over the weekend.


Beach Day with my Girlfriends Ashley and Empress, Fun in the Sun!

Miami South Beach 2

img1415672294889First thing the ladies and I decided to do was head to the beach. The weather was perfect, I got a beautiful golden tan listened to music and relaxed what other way to start amazing weekend getaway. I was a bit sick coming on this trip, but that did not stop me from enjoying the beautiful weather. As for my swimwear I wore a one piece bathing suit from American Apparel and HM accessories.

Miami Fashion Hause OOTD 1Here is my day outfit,I wore the first day into my trip. I chose something cute and very comfortable. My romper was black with a laced neck line. I paired that with my black floppy hat and black espadrilles. The whole outfit from head to toe was HM, and my purse is an irreversible tote bag from Urban Outfitters. I personally love love love this bag super spacious, simple yet chic.


Here are a few looks from the Cotton 24 Hour Runway Fashion Show hosted by Michael Yo.


Before attending the Cotton 24 hour fashion show, I had to brunch which was delicious. Pancakes with fruits and a Mai Tai with a tasty pineapple to top it off.

img1415673325880My outfit for the first day of the Cotton 24 Hour Runway Show. Yes I know I wear a lot of black but at least this time, I decided to wear a sheer black floral romper from Forever 21 with my HM black floppy hat and espadrilles another simple outfit paired with my irreversible tote bag from Urban Outfitters.


A few wedding looks from the Cottons 24 Hour runway, which caught my eye. I was very impressed with the detailing on the gowns. Ladies if your looking for comfort on your wedding day cotton wedding gowns might just be the way to go.


Jason Derulo also graced the Cotton 24 Hour Runway stage.


The Cotton 24 Hour Finale!


Behind the Scenes Host Giuliana Rancic and Olivia Palermo. Of course the wonderful beauty team on hair and makeup. I also got to meet the coordinator DeShawn Hatcher, and her team who stayed awake the full length of 24 hours to make sure the models looked their best.

img1415717683117Whats South Beach, Miami without a little night life? Yes anyone who knows me, knows I love to dress up go out and have a good time. Although I was super sick in this photo I still managed to head out to Cameo Night Club and danced the night away. ¬†Here I’m wearing an HM snake skin printed dress, paired with my BCBG zippered pumps with a mini black Zara¬†clutch.

OOTD Photo Credit: Ashley Kiyana

Hope you enjoyed my Miami Getaway/ Cotton 24 Hour Runway Show Recap, until next time smooches.

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“King of the Fall” Tour Recap!


Barclay's King of the Fall #3

The Weeknd (Abelxo)

¬†I attended the “King of the Fall,”¬†concert on Friday at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. I must say, it ¬†was an amazing experience.¬†¬†Jhene Aiko was the opening act followed by School Boy Q, and last but not least, my idol “The Weeknd.” ¬†I am in LOVE with The Weeknd and when¬†I heard he was coming to Barclay’s for the “King of the Fall Tour,” I patiently waited for the release to purchase my concert ticket.¬†The Weeknd performance was beyond what I expected; I felt as if he was singing to me and it still gives me chills. ¬†My experience at this concert was totally different than any other show that I have attended. The crowd was very energetic and so interactive with one another. ¬†One of my favorite parts of the evening was when the crowd was singing in unison with their cellphone and lighters up, while The Weeknd performed “Wicked Games.” ¬†¬†

Barclay's King of the Fall

¬†Barclay’s Center Brooklyn, New York

Barclay's King of the Fall #2

A Magical Moment… “Wicked Games” Performance (for live footage check out jlure_mua on Instagram)¬†

YES (ootd)

Dumbo Brooklyn “YES” Mural

My outfit for the evening was simple yet chic. I wore a high low top with burgundy faux leather pants. For accessories I decided to throw a black floppy hat for a feminine touch, along with black and gold sunglasses. My hand bag was black with ribbed detailing for an edge and on my feet I chose hard wood platformed chunky heels for comfort. This outfit was quite comfortable and fluid, it was perfect for the weather, a great transition outfit into fall.

OOTD King of the Fall

OOTD King of the Fall #2

OOTD King of the Fall #1

YES #5

Top: Twenty8Twelve London/ Bottoms: H&M/ Hand Bag: JustFab/ Shoes: Charlotte Russe (Qupid)

Hat: H&M/ Sun Glasses: Aldos

Photo Cred: Ashley Kiyana


My Life in Transition!


 So I’m lying in bed and I ask myself, what should my next blog post entail? I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t given a full introduction of myself. So, today I wanted to get a bit more personal and share with you guys who I really am and where I come from.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up as a child, my mom would dress me and my eldest sister up in big, poofy matching gowns, which I hated.  I always had a frown on my face wondering why we had to dress alike or even dress up at all.

In Elementary and Junior High School, I knew I wasn’t like the other girls. Believe it or not, I was an awkward, nerdy, shy girl. I dressed like a boy and never wore pink. In fact, I disliked the color and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it at the time. I rarely wore dresses and always had my hair in a ponytail. I chose to wear sweats, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. In my opinion, it was okay to dress more masculine, but it seemed that my peers thought otherwise. At that time, I was constantly teased by both girls and boys. I had low self-esteem and I no longer felt accepted nor beautiful. There were moments when I felt like if I didn’t exist, life would be better. Shortly after, I tried to change myself to try and fit in. Then, I tried cheerleading, which was an epic fail because I felt like an outcast; I was completely out of my element so I quit. Next, I discovered other sports such as baseball and basketball, which I fell in love with. Soon after, I found myself playing more sports, especially with the boys.  

In 2000, I relocated to the Poconos; I was completely devastated. I was living in the boondocks with nothing but trees and animals; huge bummer. I felt I had no choice but to make best of the situation. So one day I decided to go outside and meet my fellow neighbors.¬† There were a few guys playing basketball, I just stood there and interrupted yelling ‚ÄúI Got Next‚ÄĚ, and they looked me as if I were crazy. They ended up letting me play and they were shocked to see that I could actually play. I was beginning to have more fun and come out of my shell. Although I¬†wasn’t¬†at all the ‚Äúgirly girl,‚ÄĚ I was now feeling accepted. As time went on I got more comfortable, and I used my awkwardness to humor others.

In 2007 I moved back to NYC. ¬†It¬†wasn’t¬†until 2009 that I began to dress more feminine. I started wearing heels but I¬†wasn’t¬†quite into dresses¬†as¬†much yet. Don‚Äôt get me wrong, I still loved to wear my basketball shorts, T-shirts and sneakers from time to time, but I found a balance between the two. As I got older, I admired the different makeup looks I saw in the magazines and even on different television shows. In 2010, I purchased my first 120 eye makeup palette and from then on, I was hooked. ¬†

December of 2011, my close friend Ena, who is a model, always admired my makeup work and saw that I had immense passion for it. She then asked if I could do three makeup looks for her photo shoot. I created a natural, neutral, and a dark Smokey eye look. I was then told that photographer Carlos Peralta was the one we were shooting with. He has worked with many celebs and upcoming artists. Of course, ¬†I was honored to even work with someone of his caliber. I¬†didn’t¬†know quite¬†what to expect. ¬†Going into the studio for the first time¬†was a bit nerve wracking but I wanted remain as professional as possible. I felt as if I had been doing this for years; it was just the perfect feeling. I get butterflies just talking about it. Carlos loved my work ethic and even asked if I could come back and do more work with him at his studio. ¬†At that moment I realized this was my passion and there¬†wasn’t¬†anything I saw ¬†myself doing other than makeup.

carlos peralta collage ena

My first professional photo shoot!

 Photographer:  Carlos Peralta CP Studios/ Model: Ena Adams/ Makeup: Jessica Clermont (Jlure)

I was always quite artistic and enjoyed making others laugh, so I quickly used that to my advantage and knew that this was something I wanted to pursue as a career.  Ever since, I watched videos, read books and educated myself on the art of makeup. I then found myself applying makeup to friends and family. Soon after, I found myself doing makeup on models, attending photo shoots and even fashion shows. Biggest accomplishment to date were magazine issues in Vogue Italia and Baby Phat Social Media Campaign Photo shoot. It took me quite some time to figure out what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to become as a woman. Every day I learn something new about myself and find myself only getting better with age.  My personal style and makeup techniques have definitely evolved throughout the years. This is just the start to my life and ongoing career.  I am blessed enough to have gotten this far, and happy to share my life journey with you all.

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Essence Street Style Block Party Recap!



This weekend, I attended the 2014 Essence Street Style Block Party in Dumbo Brooklyn; it was quite an experience.  To kick off New York Fashion Week, Essence invited everyone to show off their street style. R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan, made a live musical performance and blew the crowd away. The event also consisted of  street shopping, food vendors, and also the street style fashion show. Essence selected their favorite candidates to strut the runway to showcase their street chic styles. Celebrity such as Vanessa Simmons, and Fashion Editor of Essence Celia Smith, both hosted the street style fashion show. Tracy Ellis Ross made a surprise visit for the fashion show. She graced the runway with one of contestants rocking their super chic polka dot ensembles. There were numerous fashion trends hitting the runway from eclectic, bohemian chic, and edgy looks you name it it was there. Overall in my opinion the essence street style event was a success. Below are pictures of  my personal street style for the event and of the event itself. Hope you enjoy!!

PicMonkey Collage Essence Style

                     Here is a few photos of the Hair,  Beauty, and Massage  stations at the Essence Street Style Block Party.

ESSENCE JLURESTYLEMy Essence Street Style outfit was all black super comfortable, and might I add “Affordable”.¬† I opted for a darker look that day I was one of many who wore all black. I decided to pair a H&M top with leather sleeves and a bandeau beneath it. As for my bottoms I wore these leather shorts from Forever 21. Accessories were very minimal. My Pineapple was an added touch to my street style look, which I must say was AMAZING!


essence street style ootd         Top: H&M    Bottoms: Forever 21 Bag & Shoes: Steve Madden

         Accessories:  Guess and H&M Rings , Sunglasses & Hat H&M

Photographed by: Sabine Clermont