5 Wearable Runway Makeup Trends for Spring 2015!

Even though we are still bundled up and wrapped up in winter gear it is never too early to take in the some of the new hottest Spring 2015 makeup/beauty trends. These new trends are already on the minds of fashion designers and magazine editors. These spring makeup looks most definitely caught my attention on the fashion runways and can simply be be worn in a woman’s every day to day beauty routine . Plus, practicing now will get you ready for when spring time emerges. Here are a few trends to watch out for this upcoming Spring 2015 season.


BOLD LIP SPRING 2015Pastel shades should not always be the go to colors for Spring. Instead, deep shades dominated the runways this year. Try berry, plum, rich red or red-orange shades for the lips. A bold statement lips is always my favorite go to.


SHADES OF BROWN SPRING 2015Brown makeup offers subtle enhancements to the face, especially for a warm complexion. One of the latest trends for the eyes this season is varying shades of the brown family, which keeps this color from getting boring. Try bronze, taupe, sand and even touches of shimmering gold. Bronze skin is also in.


TOM FORD SMOKEY EYE SPRING 2015Smokey Eyes always seem to return to trendy lists, with no exception this Spring. Some designers made them extra smudgy or only added the smoky effect to the outer corners of each eye. Heavy eyeliner is also in, especially with extended wings and tips, or with thick lines. Choose black or even white liner to play up your look.


NATURAL BEAUTY SPRING MAKEUPAlthough some makeup trends are in, low maintenance girls will love that wearing no makeup is also a top trend this season. This trend can include wearing subtle makeup that evens and enhances, or wearing no makeup at all. This is a perfect look for everyday makeup look  if your in a rush or simply want to go bare.


BLUE CAT EYES SPRING 2015A Cat Eye is always a great makeup a accessory, let alone a blue statement eyes made a huge comeback on the runways last season. Like bold brows before it, blue eyeshadow is destined to become a fashion week beauty staple. It complements every skin tone, and it looks just as good in real life as on the runway. If your daring enough this would be the perfect go to look to for a statement.

Whether your going bare or rocking a dark smokey eye these Spring 2015 makeup looks are all the rage and are perfect for on and off the runway. I hope you beauties enjoyed my favorite “5 Wearable Makeup Trends for Spring 2015.”




Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick Review!

You guys know how much I love my lipsticks, ahhhh let alone Tom Tord lipsticks.

I am known to be a lip stick junkie, and when I found out Tom Ford one of my current favorite lipsticks was coming out with a miniature lipstick collection “Tom Ford Lips & Boys,” I went crazzzzy. This collection has a variety of 50 clutched sized limited edition shades all named after men Rrrr. The Lips & Boys collection retails for $32, which is way more affordable than the average sized Tom Ford lipstick, which retails for $50. I would say that is quite a deal for those of you who don’t want to splurge quite as much on a lipstick.

Tomford collection

Tom Ford WES lipstick which I purchased is a deepened, burgundy-red with ruby red shimmer. It was semi-opaque with a very slippery, emollient consistency that tended to move around. I found that with this shade, without any disturbances of eating or drinking this product lasted after three hours of wear, a (total wear time was five).  As to where with most lipsticks I find myself  reapplying more often, which is why I simply love Tom Ford lipsticks.  It has a great color pay off and lasts for which what I feel like is forever. If your trying to get a longer wear time, just apply a lip liner before your lipstick.




Here is Tom Ford Lipstick & Boys (Wes) on the left compared to the original lipstick packaging on the right (Indian Rose).






Hope you enjoyed my “Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick Review,” enjoy until next time beauties. 😉


Black Friday with a Pop of Print!

Hello Beauties Happy Friday. Although it’s a short week for me coming back from my mini getaway from Miami, I’m glad the week is over. Winter is right around the corner. So its time to bring out those heavy coats. Well at least I can say at least for now, who know with this inconsistent NYC weather. Today I wanted to share a quick post on what I wore. I’m sure by now you know all know I tend to gravitate towards black and cheetah print. I’m sure in my past life, I was a feline hehe. I wanted to keep my outfit quite simple, playful yet office friendly. My dress I wore a satin Zara cheetah printed dress, I paired that with black thick hues tights. On my feet I wore my black lace up Altuzarra booties which, I personally adore. Its the perfect booties for dressing up and down. My coat is a by Bebe, which I love. Its a super warm and trendy robed jacket perfect for this frigid weather. Check out my simple feminine, yet chic “Black Friday with a Pop of Print” ensemble.

bebe-altuzarra 6

bebe-altuzarra 4

bebe-altuzzara 1

bebe-altuzarra 5

bebe-altuzurra 7

bebe-altuzarra booties

bebe-altuzarra selfie closeup

This is my everyday basic makeup look. A thin layer of liner a touch of blush and a natural soft pink lip topped with gloss.

Coat: Bebe/ Dress: Zara/ Boots: Altuzarra / Tights: Hues

I hope you enjoyed my quick outfit of the day, “Black Friday with a Pop of Print.


Keeping it Casual!

After a long week of work, being that I’m a woman who is constantly in heels, it can be pretty tiring; I’m sure most of you ladies can agree. So, when I get a chance to dress casually, I take full advantage of being in comfortable clothing and shoes. Especially when I run most of my errands. On Sunday, I opted for a super comfortable and chic ensemble. The weather was perfect. I chose a black and white striped high low sweater and paired it with shiny black skinny jeans. To top off the look, I wore a black leather jacket, blue infinity scarf, white converses, a black short brimmed hat along with minimal jewelry.





keeping it casual 1

IMAG1821 (2)

Top & Leather Jacket: HM/ Bottoms: Zara/ Infinity Scarf: American Apparel/ Shoes: Converse/ Hat: BCBG /Accessories: HM Photo Credit: Ashley Kiyana

Hope you enjoyed my sunday funday style “Keeping it Casual” ;-)


7 Classic Eye Makeup Looks to Wear Now!

Hey Beauties I know its been a while since I’ve posted and wanted to share with you  something that can help jazz up your every day beauty regimens, so lets get to it. When trying to figure out how to play up your  eyes whether its for a everyday or a night on the town, whether you’re looking to simply switch it up a bit or simply try something different. Here are “7 Classic Eye Makeup Looks to wear Now”, that will have you turning heads for sure.


cat eye makeup

One of the most classic eye makeup looks is the classic cat eye. While it does take some time to master the right cat eye, there are a few tricks that can help you get there. To perfect a cat eye you can use either a liquid liner for experienced drawers or a gel based liner with an angle brush for beginners. Keep the line thin and close to the inner lash line while you slowly start to create a thicker line towards the end of your lash line. Make a little wing tip from the end of your lash line and upwards on your lid. You can even use a small piece of paper pressed against the end of your eye as a guide for your wing.



A smokey eye doesn’t have to be super dark and straight out of an action hero movie. You can create a classic smokey eye with all types of colors. A Smokey eye can be achieved using all but 3 colors your highlight, transitional color and your base color. Check out my previous post Step by Step “Smokey Eye” Tutorial to learn how to achieve this look.



For everyday eye makeup, remember less is more. Sometimes a simple makeup look can make a huge statement. Keeping in line with your skin color’s natural undertones really helps when choosing neutral eye shadow colors as well. To keep your makeup quite neutral stay away from frosty eye shadows.


glitter makeup 2

When you do use frost and shimmer, it’s best to go big for a night out or special event. Rose gold, yellow gold or silver on the eyelid by itself is lovely, or incorporate it with a smoke eye.



One of my favorite classic eye makeups is simply the nude eye. You can wear this all day and play it up for night. Keeping it simple is key.



So, when you go to a makeup counter and see all of these crazy colored eye shadows, its easy to get discouraged when trying to pick out different bright shades. No need to be afraid of color it something that can fun and playful, and be mindful when choosing bright colors to go according to your skin tone.



Fake lashes don’t always need to be for nighttime. Lashes come in all different shapes and sizes. These help accentuate the eyes and have you eyes looking fabulous. For some of you application may take time to learn how to apply it, but this a perfect look if your looking to play up your eyes without doing too much.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I hope you enjoyed my  “7 Classic Eye Makeup Looks to Wear Now”, I would love to see and hear how your incorporate these looks in to your beauty regimen 😉


Step by Step “Smokey Eye” Tutorial

Everyone always requests different makeup looks. One makeup look that I’m frequently asked to do is the “Smokey Eye.” The smokey eye is both sexy and classic. It caters to anyone with light or dark eyes and it can be worn for both formal or casual occasions. It is the perfect complement to any look desired. My friends and clients said they have tried the “Smokey Eye” look but ended up looking like a panda. Yikes! I know it takes a bit of practice, but the smokey eye is super easy to achieve. Just follow my step by “Step by Step guide and see how flawless your smokey eye turns out. Believe me, you will thank me later.

smokey eye products


Mac Paint Pot (Soft Ochre)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Dark Brown)

Mac Matte Eye Shadow (Show Stopper)

Mac Matte Eye Shadow (Saddle)

Mac Matte Eye Shadow (Carbon)

Mac Eye Shadow (Rice Paper)

Bare Essentials Buxom Mascara (Loud Black)

Red Cherry Lashes (Wispies -WSP)


  • A matte or lustre eye shadow for the highlight
  • A matte light brown eye shadow
  • A matte dark brown eye shadow
  • A matte black eye shadow
  • A eye shadow base
  • A black eye liner pencil
  • Mascara
  • False eye lashes (optional)


Sonia Kashuk Concealer Brush (pic #3 & 4)

Sigma E55 Eye Shadow Brush (pic #5)

Ofra Blending Brush (pic #6 & 8)

Sigma E30 Pencil Brush (pic #7)

Real Techniques Accent Brush ( applied highlight in inner corner & brow bone)


Step 1 Smokey Eye

      1. Apply Primer all over the lids & lower lash line.                                      2. Apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Dark Brown to lid, stopping at the crease.

Step 2 Smokey Eye

3. Blend Nyx jumbo eye pencil product.                                                                                 4. Line the lower lash line.

Step 3 Smokey Eye

5. Apply brown matte eye shadow on top of nyx eye liner base upper.                  6. Apply soft brown eye shadow in the crease extending slightly upward. 

Step 4 Smokey Eye

7. With a crease/pencil brush apply carbon eye shadow to crease & outer-v. (adds dimension to eyes)                   8. Blend any harsh edges for soft gradient effect.

Step 5 Smokey Eye

9. Apply black eye liner pencil to the top & bottom lash line. 10. Apply rice paper eye shadow to inner corner & brow bone & blend. Apply mascara & white liner to inner rim of the eye.

Step 6 Smokey Eye

11. Apply false eye lashes then the look is complete.


 I hope you beauties enjoyed my Step by Step “Smokey Eye” Tutorial, try this look out and let me know how it works out for you 🙂 !!


5 Minute Makeup Routine!

We all have those days, when were rushing out the door and only have ample amount of time to get ready. Well today’s your lucky day. I am going to demonstrate how to achieve a “5 Minute Makeup Routine“, that will have you looking simple yet  flawless before heading out that door. On a rushed morning, the absolute minimum is best. Your daily makeup routine should include core basics. You’ll want to start with a good foundation to ensure the skin looks its best.


To start off you want to ensure that you face is well prepped. You want to make sure that your beautiful canvas is cleansed, moisturized, and primed before applying any makeup. This is key step into any makeup or daily beauty routine, it will help create a smooth canvas for easier makeup application.

  1. Apply the foundation of your choice. Foundation can easily do double duty as concealer to spot-treat redness, under eye circles, or any other imperfections.
  2. When applying your foundation you can opt for a foundation brush, beauty blending sponge, or simply use your  clean fingers to save time.
  3. Remember, you don’t have to apply foundation all over the face. Only apply it on an as needed, which will also save time.

Approximate time: 1 minute

5 Minute Foundation

Use clean fingers or a damp beauty blending sponge to apply foundation.


Filling in brows is an important step to add to your makeup routine, as this will help frame the face. Some of us may have fuller brows than others. So for most women they step is may be optional. 

  1. First you want too fill in your brows using a retractable brow pencil or a matte eye shadow that matches your natural brow hairs. 
  2. If your using a brow pencil when filling in brows, you want to use light feathering strokes. Do not put apply too much pressure, as this may have give off a harsh appearance to the brow.
  3. When using a matte eye shadow you want to apply your product with an angled eye liner brush also using light strokes filling in any sparse gaps where needed.
  4. Using a Spoolie, brush brow hairs in the direction in which the hairs are growing for that well groomed perfected brows.

Approximate time: 1 minute

5 Minute BrowCHEEKS

When it comes to the cheeks you want to apply either a blusher or bronzer. Blush adds a natural flush and tint to the cheeks, while bronzer gives off a more structured and natural sun kissed appearance. Cream blush or lipstick is a makeup bag must, especially when you travel, because you can use either items on the lips and cheeks. If you have a red or pink lip color in your bag, you can always apply a little lipstick on your cheek for a pop of color. You’ll look more awake and pulled together in a time crunch with subtle tinted cheeks. Either blush or bronzer is can be applied in this step.

  1. Cream blushes make your skin appear more dewy (natural).
  2. Apply blush to the highest point of your cheek bones using your fingers. If its a powdered substance use a blush brush to apply.
  3. Bronzer is to be applied to the temples and hollows of the cheeks for that natural sun kissed glow. 

Approximate time:  30 seconds

5 Minute Blush & BronzerLASHES

Curl your lashes and add mascara. This goes quickly, depending on how many times you make a mistake. In that case if that happens use a moist cotton swab to remove tiny unwanted mascara streaks that may have been left behind.

Approximate time: 1 minute

5 Minute MascaraLIPS

Lastly, is the lips I recommend you using a natural colored  lipstick or tinted lip balm. A mauve color would be suitable, it looks closest to the natural lip color.

Approximate time: 30 seconds to 1 minute


One thing to not save time on is the final process of blending. Always have a blending brush for the eyes and one for the face as part of your arsenal. The biggest mistake I see people make in applying makeup is not buffing out harsh lines on the face, eeeek.” Whether in the eye area, at the lip line, or across your complexion, you should never be able to tell where color is ending or beginning. It should all be seamless.

Approximate time: 1 to 2 minutes

5 Minute Before and After

                                           Before and After!

5 Minute Makeup Final

  Voila  and Your Out The Door!


Foundation: Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation #173 $42.00

Brows: Mac Cosmetics Brow Pencil in Spiked $16.00

Cheeks: Mac Cosmetics Blush (Lady Blush) $22

Mac Cosmetics Blush/Contour (Blunt) $22

Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes $8.95

Lipstick: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist (Natural) #9 $20

What are some of your 5 minute makeup tips for hectic mornings? Please comment down below I would love to hear, enjoy beauties!