How to: Makeup Brush Cleaning 101!

This isn’t the most exciting lesson, but it’s important nonetheless! Because we must clean our brushes so we can stay on top of bacteria and other offenders that we don’t want to end up on our face. Think of it as basic hygiene. For brushes that you use daily (and don’t share), I would aim for at least once a week (every Sunday perhaps?) or twice a week if you really love makeup and apply it often such as myself. There are two ways to properly wash your brushes depending on your personality and time constraints: heavy duty (for those of you that want instant professional strength cleaning agents to annihilate everything) or gentle (for those of you who have more time and prefer to keep it simple). Here’s how:


Heavy Duty:

  1. Pick up a professional brush cleaning spray from a your local or online beauty supply (the Cinema Secrets spray (Holy Grail Product) is perfect for professional makeup artists who need to clean their brushes repeatedly throughout jobs but this aromatherapy cleaning sprayis my favorite to use on my clients because it leaves an amazing smell on the brushes). Starting with your foundation and cream blush brushes (these have the most product residue and need the most attention),  spray it directly on the brush heads to completely soak the bristles.
  2. Rub the brush head back and forth over a paper towel or tissue repeatedly until there is no more product coming off.
  3. Spray the rest of your brushes one at a time (eyeliner, lip, eyebrow brushes).
  4. Rub these brushes back and forth as well, noticing that they will come clean much faster than the first ones. This solution dries within minutes. 

Gentle DIY:

  1. Pour a dime sized amount of any baby or organic shampoo into the palm of your hand. Then wet your brush head, dip your used brushes into the your palm (one brush at a time).
  2. Gently swirl brush in circular motions till all dirt and product is released. If you find your brushes are a bit hard to clean let them soak in small bowl prior to individual wash. 
  3. Re-mold each brush if necessary by pressing the hairs between your fingers until it’s back to its original shape.

brush cleaning 101

brush cleaning 101DRYING STATION: You don’t want to dry your brushes in an upright position because the water settles into the glue that’s holding the bristles together at the base of each brush head and starts breaking down the glue over time, causing the hairs to come off when you swipe the brush against your face (so annoying). So you can either lay your brushes flat or even better, make this quick little drying station with the two items listed below!


  1. Grab a hand towel, a paper towel. Fold towel in half about two to three times. 
  2. Balance each brush so that the brush head is pointing down, and touching the paper towel . (a full towel can be used in this step as well).  It’s much easier to balance than it sounds, I promise!
  3. Another simple method is placing a napkin/paper towel in a jar or wide cup and place brushes face down so that water seeps through.
  4. Now let them dry completely for a few hours (or overnight) and return them to their home (my work brushes live in brush roll, while my personal brushes live upright in my favorite square glass jar on my makeup desk).


 I hope you found my “How To: Makeup Brush Cleaning 101” very informative. If you have any questions or concerns feel more than free to comment below. Enjoy Beauties until next time. 


10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners, Part Two!

 Makeup Must Haves!

Welcome back beauties,  In my previous post  “10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners, Part One“, I stated how most of us women tend to carry for more makeup and beauty products then expected. Today I have listed the last five essential items that make up the 10 must haves items you should always keep in your makeup bag. So ask yourself, if these are items you currently own then you own the right track.



Glide On Eye Pencils– Perfect for beginners and have many benefits.  Eyeliners are soft and glides on as you apply them and they are ideal for lower and upper lash lines as well as on your waterlines. Eye pencils also can be easily smudged for that soft smokey effect.


highlight mac soft and gentle




Highlighter– Is applied to the cheekbones, cupids bow (area on your upper lip) and brow bones. When applying to cheeks, blend highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbones, up towards the temple.



lipstick RevlonColorBurstLipstickSoftNude


Perfect Nude Lipstick or Lip Gloss–  Nude lipstick is perfect for everyday use. Its a neutral shade that can be quite sexy if worn correctly. (choose a nude lipstick that is within two shades of your natural lip color).

Lip Gloss is a primarily used to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle color. This can be topped over a lipstick or even worn solely by itself, while still giving the appearance  to look natural.

eye palette



Basic Eye Shadow Palette– A basic compact eye palette is something everyone women should own. Your palette should consist of a few different neutral colors (light to dark) which can be transitioned from a day to night look. The perfect everyday shadow is just a few shades darker than your skin tone.





Brush Set– With the right brush for the job, you can perform makeup miracles. Your brush collection should at least include a foundation brush, powder brush, eye shadow brush, blush/bronzer brush, angled eye liner/brow brush, eye shadow blending brush, lip brush (optional).

 This concludes the “10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners“.  Feel free to comment with any questions and be sure to check out Part One of my essential makeup must haves enjoy!