October Beauty Favorites 2014!

Hello beauties, I am known to be a product junkie, so I decided to share my “October Favorites 2014.” As you may know we are in full swing of fall and I’m always in transition with my beauty products. Here are a few items listed below that I’m currently in love with.


Obey Your BodyGentle Facial Peeling Gel /Dead Sea Moisturizing Day Cream  

I purchased this item last month and I can totally say it was worth the splurge. The gentle facial peeling gel exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin in order to promote natural skin renewal. It removes oil residues, unclogs pores and helps prevent the build up of dead and dry cells on the skin re-surface.


Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Moisturizer

The dead sea moisturizer is very soothing and light weight on the skin. This product is fragrance free, which is perfect for some of you who may have sensitive skin. Use a dime sized amount and apply it your face, trust me a little goes a long way.   


 Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Cetaphil is is my favorite everyday facial cleanser.  It is very gentle; it doesn’t dry the skin out and it clears any dark spots or pimples before they even appear. Also leaving the skin feeling refreshed. Cetaphil doesn’t clog pores nor does it strip the skin of its natural oils. I am absolutely obsessed with it. I highly recommend that you purchase this product.  Try a small bottle (about $4) and see how you like it.


 Chanel Nail Polish 

We all have our favorite go to nail polishes. This month I like Chanel’s red polish in #677 which is ohhh so sexy. I love a red nail polish, just as much as I do a red lip. Chanel’s polish is perfect especially since the holidays are just around the corner. If your searching for a true red nail polish, Chanel is it.


 Makeup Forever Foundation

I own a lot of liquid foundations, but I can say recently this has been one of my faves. Makeup Forever HD Foundation is super light weight and one pump is normally all I need. The amount of coverage you desire  will determine how many pumps you will need. This product is perfect for flash photography and everyday wear.


 Tom Ford Lipstick 

Ahhhh Oh how I love Tom Ford. A friend purchased  a Tom Ford lipstick “Indian Rose” #4  for me a while back and I’ve been in love with Tom Ford lipsticks ever since. I recently purchased “Violet Fatale #17” a gorgeous pinkish/purple color, something other than red which I normally gravitate towards. Tom ford lipsticks are so creamy and last all day without having to reapply. Its a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it.


Organic Coconut Oil

There are so many benefits to using organic coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, hair, skin, teeth just to name a few. This a a staple item used in my daily beauty regimen. When in contact with skin, the product turns into a liquid, its super light and absorbing. I also use it for the ends of my hair to prevent split ends/breakage.

I Hope you beauties enjoyed my “October Beauty Favorites 2014,” I would love to know if any of these items are incorporated in your daily beauty regimens as well.


10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners, Part One!

makeup essentials

Most women have the same exact problem, a cosmetic bag that’s over flowing, but have no clue what to do with all products. That’s when its time to take back to basics approach. Often clients will ask me what are the beauty basics they need for everyday use.  These products that I have listed below are all you need for a flawless face, and these makeup applications tips that will help you get that look just right. I have only included 5 makeup essentials to begin with, as it may be a bit overwhelming for some who are starting out in beauty. Stay tuned for Part 2 for  “10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners”


Foundation– foundation is applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws and to change the natural skin tone. Either of these foundations can be used daily and are build-able and suitable for all skin types : Mineral, Liquid, Cream, Powder and Tinted Moisturizer.

Mineral Powder– Is perfect for beginners its very light on the skin, and for women interested in natural, organic makeup, mineral foundation is your absolute best bet. Mineral makeup is made up almost always primarily of minerals, which come from nature. Mineral powder is also best for women with sensitive skin or allergies.

Liquid Foundation– There are many versions of liquid foundations, including oil-free, oil-based, waterproof and even 24-hour. They can go from medium to full coverage depending on how much you apply. To build foundation apply light layer let it dry then apply more if needed.

Cream Foundations–  provide a bit heavier coverage and are formulated for normal to dry skin. This product gives off an appearance of natural glowing skin.

Powder Foundation– comes in compact form, so it makes a great foundation for women who want on the go portability. It’s basically a powder and foundation in one and you can get it in several formulations, but it’s really best for women with oily skin.

Tinted Moisturizer– provides light coverage and will cover up some unevenness, but is best for women with pretty good skin. It’s truly a moisturizer with a wash of sheer color. It works as a 2 in 1  makeup product, because it moisturizes while providing an all over sheer color.


yves saint laurent touche eclat


Concealer-Concealer although may just be a temporary fix, it makes under the eye appear more awake. Concealing  helps to get rid of dark circles and to brighten up the center of the face.  Use your ring finger to apply concealer under they eye as this uses less pressure, being that the under eye area is quite sensitive. Use dabbing motions until all the product is distributed evenly and well blended.  .




Natural Blush and Bronzer– The right shade will make you look like you’re blushing, not like you’re wearing blush. For a natural look, start with lighter shades, and skip any with shimmer. Using a blush brush, swipe a small amount of color across the apples of your cheeks. If you see where the blush begins and ends you have used too much. Use a light hand for that natural flushed look. Bronzers are used to achieve that natural beautiful healthy glow. Be sure to find a bronzer that isn’t too red in tone and that also doesn’t have too much shimmer.


eye lash shu uemura


Eye Lash Curler– Curling your eyelashes opens up the eyes and makes them appear larger. Whether your lashes are naturally straight or have flattened out over time, curling your eyelashes can really help your eyes stand out. Selecting a lash curler is important because it needs to fit your eye shape and lash curlers are made quite different. I recommend a curler with a rounded pad vs a flat pad. Over time the rounded pads are more gentle on your lashes and they are less likely to split like the flat ones, which can break your lashes off eeeek.


masacara benefit bad gal



Mascara– is used to darken, thicken and lengthen eye lashes. Replace eye lash mascara every three months to limit bacteria growth and possible eye infections. When applying mascara use a wiggling motion left to right to help reduce clumping.


 I hope you found Part One of my  “10 Essential Makeup Must Haves for Beginners” to be informative stay tuned for Part Two!